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Babel Notice

Babel Notice

In accordance with 29 CFR 38.9 (g)(3), Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals seeking access to information about WIOA programs offered through the Western Wisconsin WDB and its American Job Center partners, will receive language assistance in all communications of vital information.  Vital information is defined as information, whether written, oral, or electronic, that is necessary for an individual to understand how to obtain any aid, benefit, service and/or training; necessary for an individual to obtain any aid, benefit, service and/or training; or required by law.  An interpreter, as well as the availability of free language assistance such as rulebooks; written tests that do not access English language competency, but rather assess competency for a particular license, job, or skill for which English proficiency is not required; and letters or notices that require a response from the beneficiary or applicant, participant or employee will be provided to all LEP individuals at no cost to the individual. 

English IMPORTANT!  There are documents that contain important information about WIOA training services; how to apply for training services; and your rights, responsibilities and/or benefits.  It is critical that you understand the information in these documents.  You can receive telephone translation assistance of all documents by calling (608) 789-5410 at no cost to you.

Español ¡IMPORTANTE!  Hay documentos que contienen información importante acerca de los servicios de capacitación de WIOA, cómo solicitar servicios de capacitación, sus derechos, responsabilidades y / o beneficios.  Es fundamental que entienda la información de estos documentos.  Usted puede recibir asistencia de traducción telefónica de todos los documentos por calling (608) 789-5410 sin costo alguno para usted.

Deutsch WICHTIG!  Es gibt Dokumente, die wichtige Informationen über WIOA-Schulungsdienste enthalten; wie man sich für Ausbildungsdienste bewirbt; und Ihre Rechte, Pflichten und/oder Vorteile.  Es ist wichtig, dass Sie die Informationen in diesen Dokumenten verstehen.  Sie können telefonische Übersetzungshilfe für alle Dokumente erhalten, indem Sie (608) 789-5410 kostenlos anrufen.


Hmoob TSEEM CEEB!  Muaj cov ntaub ntawv uas muaj cov ntaub ntawv tseem ceeb txog WIOA cov kev pabcuam kev cob qhia; yuav ua li cas thov rau kev pabcuam kev cob qhia; thiab koj cov cai, lub luag haujlwm thiab / lossis cov txiaj ntsig.  Nws yog ib qho tseem ceeb uas koj nkag siab cov ntaub ntawv hauv cov ntaub ntawv no. Koj tuaj yeem tau txais kev pab txhais lus hauv xov tooj ntawm txhua cov ntaub ntawv los ntawm kev hu rau (608) 789-5410 yam tsis tau them nqi rau koj.


Accommodation Requests

Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.  Please contact your WIOA Title I Career Planner or the WWWDB office for such requests.


Wisconsin Relay (7-1-1)

Wisconsin Relay is a free service that provides full telephone accessibility to people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind and speech-disabled.  The service is available by dialing 7-1-1 or by calling TTY 1-800-947-3529.  For more information, visit

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