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Western Wisconsin WDB is committed to partnering with local businesses, and federal and state agencies to maximize workforce impact. We are here to help whether you are looking for new talent or are facing the unfortunate situation of layoffs or closures.


Kevin Ruetten                     

Business Services Coordinator     

(608) 608.789.7890


We offer a variety of services designed to help employers navigate the hiring process. We offer labor market information, recruitment assistance through large-scale job fairs to events at the Western Wisconsin Workforce Development Center, and access to employee training and resources.

Click for more information on events at the Western Wisconsin Workforce Development Center and other Job Center of Wisconsin information.


Training Options

We offer on-the-job training opportunities as a way for businesses to training new hires who lack job-specific skills, customized trainings that help businesses design and implement trainings that meet their needs, and we have information on registered apprenticeships.


Sector Partnerships

We work closely with economic development agencies, technical colleges, and trade associations to help formulate strategic plan to increase regional competitiveness. 

We have partnered with The Upper Mississippi Manufacturing Alliance (TUMMA) to develop workforce solutions to meet immediate and long-term needs for the manufacturing industry. 


Layoff & Closures

Our Rapid Response team provides on-site information sessions to offer answers to questions related to unemployment insurance, alternative pension and insurance programs, occupational and transitional skills training options, re-employment services, and veterans' benefits.

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