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Helping You to a New Post-Pandemic Career

Our Workforce Development team helps removes barriers to a successful caused by the pandemic or existing prior to it. Along with our partnering agencies, our career planners have funding to lift you into a new job.

Worker Advancement Initiative (WAI)

Helping you get the job that matches the life you want to have 

The Worker Advancement Initiative (WAI) serves those whose employment has not come back post-pandemic and those who were not successfully employed prior to the pandemic.

Our career planners work with you to create a pathway to your new job, then we work to remove other barriers to your success. As you enter your new employment, we subsidize the training and skills building you need. 

After Your Enroll We Can Offer

Supportive Services
  • Childcare Assistance

  • Transportation Assistance

  • Housing Assistance

  • Technology Assistance

Employment Services
  • Work Experience

  • On-the-Job Training

Training Services
  • College Tuition

  • Professional Certification

  • Licensing


To be eligible for the Skillful Transitions program, an individual must be at least 16 years old, eligible to work in the United States and must fall into one of these categories: 

  • Unemployed workers;

  • Part-time workers (working 31 hrs. or less per week);

  • Underemployed workers (working full-time but with low wages, or working multiple jobs to maintain their household); or

  • Incumbent workers (working 32 hrs. or more per week) -- i.e training or work experience can help you advance past any negative economic impacts due to the pandemic due to a your occupation or level of training. 


Individuals will be assessed prior to enrollment into the Skillful Transitions program to ensure eligibility requirements are met and to determine a participant’s short- and long-term education and career goals. 


There is no cost for individuals who are interested and eligible to participate in the Skillful Transitions Program.  Some skill training offerings include a stipend payment while in classroom training.  Paid Work Experiences pay a wage while you work and learn job skills.  Other incentives such as gift cards are available when goals are met, and supportive services including transportation and childcare may be available for those that need assistance to successfully complete the program and move to a stable, good-paying job and career.




Worker Advancement Initiative Specialist

(608) 789-4584

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