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E3 Works is the Western Wisconsin WDB's WIOA Youth program. Eligible participants work with a career planner to explore potential career pathways that match their skills and interests.  


Participants can expect supportive services, including but not limited to, tutoring, resume building, interview skills assessment and training, mentoring opportunities, drug and alcohol counseling, and entrepreneurship education. Postsecondary preparation and transition activities are also available for in-school you, and both in-school and out-of-school youth can expect in-depth assessments to help them build and refine workplace skills, as well as extensive follow-up from their career planner. 


The E3 Works program doesn’t look the same for everyone. Each applicant can expect an experience tailored to their needs, built and expanded on their strengths, and wholly devoted to helping each individual realize, and act upon, their fullest potential.  

Participants can also gain first-hand knowledge of occupations and industries through paid work experiences. Participants are then encouraged to elevate what they have learned by finding an entry-level job or enrolling in the training needed to get that job. 


The first step is to apply. We encourage you to do so.  Please click the Application link to the right. 


The Western WI WDB has partnered with area businesses to host participants. If your business would like to become a host, please contact Melisa at myersm@westernwdb.org or (608) 789-5499.

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