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The Western Wisconsin Workforce Development Board partners with economic development agencies, technical colleges, and trade associations to convene industry/sector-specific groups to harness the power of collective action toward a common goal. We can help you formulate a strategic plan to increase your regional competitiveness by:

  • Focusing on meeting your immediate workforce needs

  • Projecting future technical and technological training needs to build a more agile system of training options

  • Developing a talent pipeline to meet ongoing long-term workforce needs

  • Using strategies such as effective supply chain management to increase your competitiveness

  • Utilizing resources to fund training programs

  • Providing assistance with resource development

The Western WDB works with The Upper Mississippi Manufacturing Alliance (TUMMA) to develop workforce solutions to meet immediate and long-term talent needs for the manufacturing industry. Current and future TUMMA members are able to shape the talent pipeline according to current and projected talent needs.

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